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Irrigation and

Pest Control

Design and


Lighting and

Water Features

Our fleet and skilled crews provide clean, courteous and efficient service to a large selection of managed properties.


Our crew members are easily located and identifiable by their brightly colored uniform shirts and are always ready to provide precise and conscientious service to our clientele.

Once you invest in landscaping it is crucial to protect that investment by proper care.


Florida is hot and humid, both of these conditions are conducive to scorched lawns and plants devoured by various insects and other pests.


It is imperative that a controlled cycle of watering, fertilizing and pest control be implemented and maintained with strict regularity.


Our supervisors will regularly inspect areas to prevent any problems from developing to save you costs and time.

From big trees, to small flowers, our team will develop a unique design that will complement your architecture, enhance your property, offer parklike areas for your residents and be ecologically responsible and aware.


We use 'Florida hardy' plants and shrubs, and are mindful of watering policies & guidelines in your area.


Our design will not only be beautiful...  it will be sustainable.

Lighting a landscape can extend the use of outdoor while providing safety, atmosphere and space definition. Let us show you how LED lighting can enhance your outdoor spaces.


Waterscapes are idyllic interludes that add sound and movement to your areas.


Our designers can develop and integrate one or more water features into your plan. These not only offer beauty to your development but will increase value both perceived by the tenants and measured in assessment.


Free Consultation and Estimate

It would be our pleasure to offer you a complete, on site evaluation and estimate for a comprehensive maintenance plan for your property.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to share your vision and needs for your project and let us show you how we can help you realize your goals in the most cost efficient and environmentally responsible way possible.

Our goal is always to forge strong client relationships that allow us to advise and encourage a free flow of dialog and concerns.

Our client base has been with us for many years because of our ability to listen, problem solve and deliver on our projections, estimates and contracts.

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