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Our Mission
To provide our clients the highest quality comprehensive landscape services experience. Lawn Techs is fully committed to employee, customer and property safety practices. All our staff are trained and updated in accident prevention and safe working procedures which include weekly safety reviews, proper equipment operation & safeguards use, and identification & reporting of jobsite hazardous conditions.


Locations We Serve

Hillsborough County (West)

Pinellas County (North)

Pasco County (All)

Hernando County (West)


Markets We Serve

Residential & Multi-Family Communities

Retail & Mixed-Use Commercial Centers

Health, Educational & Institutional Centers

Parks, Recreational & Sports Complexes

Government & County Managed Projects



All our field team members are fully uniformed with personal protective equipment use mandatory for all power equipment operators. Team leaders are Green Industry Best Management Procedures Certified by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the University of Florida/IFAS. Our staff is certified in commercial fertilizer and herbicides application, FNGLA certified in horticultural practices and irrigation contractor certified with ongoing continuing education and training.


Our fleet of Service Vehicles, Trucks, Power Equipment and Trailers are late model custom units that are clean, clearly marked with Lawn Techs logo and maintained with fully functioning safety equipment. All Trucks are equipped with a Global Positioning System for advanced dispatching, monitoring and recording that allow for up to the minute arrival times, logistical service routing and accurate staff tracking.


Lawn Techs Landscape Teams utilize the latest techniques that often exceed standard Landscape Architectural specifications to ensure damage-free transportation,  safe handling & installation of all materials. From proper plant, tree & palm selection and site conditioning & protection to correct tree bracing and follow-up maintenance, our years of experience guarantees your project is professionally managed and safely performed at all times.



Professional Grounds Maintenance









Landscape and Turf Care


Horticultural Services Fertilization Floriculture Annuals

IPM Integrated Pest Management

Irrigation Repair

Adjustment & Maintenance Services











Landscape Development 


Integrated Design-Build Services


Tree & Palms Installation



Retainer Walls

Outdoor Lighting

Water Features


Wetlands Mitigation











Tree and Palm Care


Arborist Assessments

Entomologist Assessments

Pruning, Thinning & Trimming

Hazardous Tree Removal

Storm Prep


Disease Prevention & Treatment











Water Management


Waterfront, Shoreline, Canal

& Wetlands Maintenance

Irrigation System Design-Build (SMS,SIT,ET Technology)

Storm Water Retainage

Drainage Basin & Pond Systems

Pond & Lake Aeration

Water Features Build Out






Our Commitment


Lawn Techs sources remanufactured materials for hardscape elements such as benches, waste receptacles, playground equipment and protective groundcovers whenever possible.


We utilize recycled soil amendments and mulches sourced from local manufacturers that are generated from lawn and tree wastes collected from the communities we serve. In this way Lawn Techs completes the green industry reuse, recycle, renew cycle by returning bio-available, nutrient rich and water conservative products to your landscape and avoiding local landfills.


Lawn Techs Water Management designs low volume and high-efficiency irrigation and water feature re-use systems that offer state-of-industry sprinkler management systems which monitors rainfall and sensor activation technology to irrigate as needed, not on a preset date or regardless of need to your varied landscape plantings and turf areas.

Environmental Services

Invasive & Non-native Species Removal


Control of invasive vegetation, aquatics and trees is vital to Florida’s overall ecosystem health and sustainability. As fast growing and non-beneficial plants are allowed to spread, these aggressive species compete for natural resources of beneficial varieties often overtaking natives.

Our experienced staff can assess areas of concern, then identify and map vegetation for removal and control recommendations.


Waterfront, Shoreline & Wetlands Management


Water resources and water quality have become a major focus of concern along Florida’s Suncoast landscape. A key element to restoring declining conditions and restoring a healthy watershed is community storm water management. Lawn Techs evaluates the potential sources of pollutants and contaminants, designs modifications  and upgrades existing systems which reduce development impacts and prevents flooding risk, sediment and erosion damage. Control measures include flow structures, wetlands mitigation planning and construction, shoreline stabilization and restoration/re-nourishment, drainage area groundcovers, erosion matting & riprap and Low-Impact Design & Development. Staff is FDEP Certified in Storm Water Inspection.

Partners, Programs & Associations

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